Best cars for fitting car seats

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Getting a toddler ready to leave the house is hard. Setting up their car seat is an Olympic feat. For all the techy-gizmos, hacks, and thingamabobs that make everyday life run smoothly, and no matter how much engineering goes into making car seats “simple”—wrestling those hunks of plastic safely into place is one of the great physical challenges of parenting. That, and keeping your eyelids open during the 409th rewatch of Frozen.

Car seats have such a bad rep that some car manufacturers are actually designing their cars to fit them better. Some of these family-friendly cars are actually pretty cool, too. Like the Tesla Model X…but not everyone has $100k going spare. Let’s take a look at some of the best cars for fitting car seats (AKA the best cars for parents, grandparents or caregivers).

nissan sentra

This popular four-door sedan is an easy pick for families—and it’s got a solid rep for fitting child car seats with ease.

hyundai tucson

A bestselling truck, the hyundai tucson is another great vehicle for taking kids on adventures. It fits two child car seats comfortably and gets the thumbs up from family car reviewers.

ford F150

The Ford F150 (one of America’s best selling cars) is a top pick for families that want some space to breathe on the road. It has a huge back seat that's also deep and flat, making it easy to slot in those car seats.

kia K5

A mid-size sedan, the Kia K5 fits car seats with ease. It scored As across the board from GearPatrol (and one B for installing a booster in the second row).

chrysler pacifica

The Pacifica is a family van which puts comfort first. That includes the comfort you’ll feel after slotting in three car seats in a row.

honda odyssey

Another family van, the Odyssey has a top safety rating and is a win for car seats—it fits three in the back with ease.

toyota sienna

A family car that can handle three car seats in the back and a latch system that gets thumbs up from the bloggers.

Yep, minivans rock the competition (if you’ve got a couple of kids then you probably knew that already), but there are also some sporty models that can handle a car-seat (or three). If it’s time to upgrade your parent-mobile then why not sell your old car to Peddle?

We’ll give you an offer in seconds—and even send someone to pick it up for you. So you can get back to the important job of fitting car seats—we mean, parenting!