What cars best hold their value?

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We hate to break it to you, but new cars can go downhill quickly when it comes to their resell price. The moment you put the key in the ignition and drive your gleaming new car out of the dealership, it starts to lose value. Auto price depreciation is, let’s face it, a total downer.

But some cars are built to hold on to their value far better than others. Drivers will pay top dollar to get their hands on a used Toyota Camry, or a Jeep Wrangler, which both have a rep for holding their own in the used car market. Other cars are only worth the extra bucks when they are new and depreciate fast.

Are you looking for a car that will hold its value down the line? Let’s take a look at some of the best models out there

jeep wrangler

Right now the Jeep Wrangler and the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited are the two car models holding their value the best. That’s according to research by used car seller iseecars. Over the course of five years these models only depreciated in value by around 7-8%. Compare that to the average of 30-40% and you can see the appeal.

porsche 911

Next on the list is a real flashy ride: the Porsche 911. And because used-car prices are actually higher than ever (thanks to supply-chain crunches and manufacturing backlogs), the Porsche 911 is one model that actually appreciated (!) in value for the first few years of ownership.

toyota tacoma

A five-year-old Toyota Tacoma drops in value by just 14.9%. This model has a big fanbase and has been a top-selling truck for decades. A solid vehicle, for sure.

honda civic

The Honda Civic is another one of those cars that ticks all the boxes. It’s compact, economical…and they look pretty good too. Now there’s another reason to think about making your next ride a Civic (or cashing in on it while you’ve got the chance)—the five-year depreciation is just 16%.

subaru BRZ

Some flashy cars don’t stay flashy for long. The Subaru BRZ is not one of them. Like the Porsche 911 it depreciates slowly (and accelerates fast!).

ford mustang

The Ford Mustang is truly iconic. Sleek, sporty, it delivers a luxury ride at a price that is far more accessible than its competitors. Turns out it maintains its value, it only depreciated by 19% over five years.

Even if you bank on a price-holding supercar, the reality is all cars lose value eventually. Fortunately, at Peddle we love buying cars that have lost a bit of shine. Just let us know the make, model and a few quick deets and we’ll give you an offer in seconds.

However old, broken, or musty your car is, we’ll buy it. That’s something to appreciate even if your car value doesn’t.