New cars with the shortest wait times

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If you’re anything like us at Peddle, you like to get things sorted quickly and hassle-free. But in an era of supply chain problems and shortages, everyone is getting used to delays and hold ups.

That’s especially true in the automotive industry. A shortage of chips during the pandemic has caused particular problems for manufacturers, and though we’re probably through the worst, it can still take longer than usual to get delivery of certain models of car. Right now (at the reallllllly slow end) some customers are waiting up to two years to get the latest Toyota RAV4 Prime.

Still, if you’re looking to upgrade your car and want it factory fresh, but time is of the essence, then you’ll want to know which companies currently have the shortest (and longest) car order wait times. Let’s take a look at what’s coming in fast.


Anyone after a factory fresh Honda should expect to wait four months (but the new Civic could take a bit longer). For Honda, it’s really the chip shortage that has caused the most problems for its supply chain. And inventory is tight on some of the manufacturer’s most popular models, so you might struggle to find a Civic or an Insight at a dealership.


Ford’s combustion-engine models, like the F-150 or Escape are getting delivered from the factory in about four months. Sounds like a long wait, but that’s pretty good right now. If you’re after an electric, such as the Mustang Mach-E then expect to wait twice as long. The F-150 Lightning could take a year.

According to Ford, it all comes down to shortages of parts—and the company currently has thousands of vehicles backed up in its factories as a result.

ram and jeep

Wait times are looking much better for Ram and Jeep. Factory orders have a hold up of about 3-5 months.


Compared to other electric vehicles, Tesla is doing well in the race to clear its backlog of orders. The wait time on the Model 3 could be around 2 months (pretty good if you ask us). It’s a similar story with the Model S. The Tesla Model X, however, is not moving so fast. The wait time for Model X Long Range is around 6-8 months.


Another car manufacturer getting bogged down by the chip shortage, Subaru customers should expect average wait times of around 4 months for new vehicles.


If you want a Hyundai Tucson, don’t hold your breath. It could take up to a year. Hybrid and electric vehicles have some of the longest wait times right now. It’s to do with the challenges of getting hold of semiconductors—and one reason why the Hyundai IONIQ 5 can take up to 12 months for delivery.


Kia is partly owned by Hyundai, and has similar components, similar supply chain and, you guessed it, similar delays. Expect to wait up to eight months for a Kia Telluride.

If you’re itching to buy a new car, things are still a bit slower than anyone would like. But as delivery times start to improve, inventories rise and prices drop, it’s a great time to get rid of your old ride—and get some extra bucks to put towards a new one.

Here at Peddle we’d be happy to give you an instant quote on your car value (we promise we won’t make you wait).