How to dispute parking tickets

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Want to know a sure-fire way to dodge paying for a parking ticket? Don’t get one! But jokes aside, you’ll be pleased to know that there are actually some real ways you can challenge a parking fine. And if you don’t ask, you don’t get. We’ve put together a list of tips that—with any luck—can help you get out of it.

take a real good look at the ticket

We know, we know, it’s painful reading, but it’s important to check the ticket carefully. If there are any mistakes or inaccuracies—such as the license plate or vehicle description—then that could result in the ticket being invalidated (whoop!).

be clear about the violation

Check the ticket to find out the exact statute that you are supposed to have violated. Have a quick search online and read the smallprint: there may be loopholes that can help you get around it.

do a quick crime scene photoshoot

If you think you may be able to dispute the supposed violation, then you need your own dossier of evidence. Take photos of your car and the surroundings, including things like street signs, fire hydrants and parking meters that could help your case.

call the ticketing agency

There should be a number to dial on the back of your ticket. If you feel that the ticket has been incorrectly issued, call the agency and file a complaint immediately.

request an administrative review

After filing a complaint the agency will decide if your ticket is valid or not. If they rule against you, then the next step is to ask for an administrative review. This is where your photos come in handy—you will need as much evidence as you can gather to present your case. Remember: each state will have slightly different rules for this process.

file an appeal

If you lose out at the review stage, the next step is to appeal. This means a judge will hear your case and make a final decision as to whether or not you need to pay up. If you’re finding the legal side challenging, check out DoNotPay, a legal app (and “robot lawyer”) that can help you out.

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