How to pay off debt faster: 7 techniques

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Debt has a way of stacking up against you. The more debt you have, the bigger your monthly payments will be. The longer you have debt, the more it weighs down on you. One of the best things you can do to achieve financial freedom is to pay your debts off faster than the payment plans require. The sooner those debts are knocked off your records, the better.

Of course, paying debts back faster sounds easier said than done, right? But with a little dedication and strategy, you can most likely accelerate any debt repayment plan. Here are a few useful techniques to see your debts being paid off and disappearing more quickly.

pay the highest interest loans first

Sort your loans and credit cards from most to least interest, and pay the high-interest-rate lines first. These are the accounts that charge the most for the debt you're holding. Their interest and late payment rates will be the most impactful because you're paying much more than the debt itself. Knock out these loans first and the rest of your debt will be far more affordable and easy to complete.

pay more than the minimum each month

If you can, put more into debt payment than the minimum. That minimum is there to make sure your debts disappear eventually. If you want to get rid of your debts faster, pay them more than they require. More of your debt will disappear with each payment that way. The more you can spare on your debts each month, the faster they will disappear.

pay off debt more than once a month

You also don't have to put in your whole monthly repayment all at once. You can make multiple payments and, for many lifestyles, you should. Put in a few dollars here and there when you have them free. Make a full payment and then top-up your payment with extras. Or pay twice a month with your pay period. This will help increase the rate that your debts are resolved, perhaps in a more manageable way—so you’re not hit all at once each month.

optimize your budget

Map out your budget—taking your income and figuring out what you are really spending it on each month. Most people have a few memberships, habits, magazines, or streaming services that have just fallen out of use. You can redirect some of your household funds to paying your debts once you know where your spending is efficient or inefficient.

pay with what you save

Brainstorm where you can cut corners to start living more frugally, and give yourself a good pat on the back with each dollar saved. When you do save, put that money toward your debts. This is a great way to turn a frugality challenge into a genuine benefit on your financial health.

consolidate debt with a better lender

Finally, consider consolidating your debts with a more favorable loan. Debt consolidation is when you take out a single loan to pay back multiple creditors. You can close high-interest and problematic accounts and then pay back the consolidation loan at your own pace, often faster without stacking interest from the closed accounts. It’s also easier to manage just one loan, if organization isn’t your strong suit.

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