Can I sell a junk car with unpaid tolls?

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As you pack it up, pack it in, and begin a road trip or commute to work, you’ll likely pay a few toll fees along the way. Why? Because the toll roads in the United States are bonkers. 36 states have tollways or turnpikes for roads, bridges, and express lanes. Florida has the most, with over 700 miles of pay-to-drive on pavement.

unpaid toll fees

Using toll roads is the easy part. Paying for them can be tricky. Sometimes, you don't even realize you have unpaid tolls, especially if you drive across multiple states. Then comes the time when you have to sell your beloved road warrior, but what if you owe toll fees? Can you sell a car with unpaid tolls?

Technically, yes. This is because missed tolls, parking tickets, or other fines are linked to the car's registration, not the car itself.

more fines are not fine

While you can still sell your car with unpaid tolls (and hopefully that is to us), it's important to understand that you still need to cough up the dough, even after selling the car. Not doing so could increase fines and block you from renewing your license or registration, depending on the rules and regulations of your individual state.

the toll price you have to pay

We get it, not every toll road has the same payment method to use, and keeping track of how to pay them can be a pain in the posterior. But selling your overused car with unpaid toll fees couldn’t be easier. Just go to, tell us about your car and we’ll make you an offer in minutes. We’ll take your car off your hands in a few simple steps. After we pay you in-person, go back online and look up those toll fees so you can wipe the slate clean.