Cities with the most (and fewest) car accidents

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Every city has its own flavor. Some have amazing food (hello, New York!). Some have a buzzing music scene (umm, Nashville). Some are great for drivers—and some are terrible. Yep, some cities are far safer to drive around in than others.

It comes down to a whole bunch of factors. Weather, road quality, volume of traffic…these all factor into the conditions that can make driving a pleasure or a pain. But what cities are best and worst?

Let’s take a look at some of the cities with the most (and fewest) car accidents.

america’s worst cities for drivers

This state capital is great if you want to take a riverside stroll down the Scioto Mile. If you wanna take a drive…not so much. The city has some of the worst drivers in the country according to QuoteWizard, which crunched the data on insurance claims. Traffic is notoriously bad in Columbus (and it doesn’t help that there’s always construction work), which really doesn’t fare well for road users.

It’s ain’t a big city but St. Louis comes with big views over the Mississippi that are hard to beat. This doesn’t help its drivers though. With 12.2 accidents per 100,000 vehicles—data courtesy of the fine folks at the NHTSA—it’s the fourth most dangerous city to drive in in the US.

Well, obviously, right? Everyone knows LA is hell for drivers. Sure, there’s plenty of fun in the sun but the traffic…not fun at all. According to QuoteWizard, LA has the third-highest rate of accidents, the second-highest rate of citations and the fourth-highest rate of DUIs. It’s not all bad, though: when it comes to speeding offenses the City of Angels is ranked 22nd. We guess the traffic is good for something.

When it comes to driving, California’s capital hasn’t got the best stats. And it’s getting worse. In 2021, QuoteWizard ranked it the seventh worst city for drivers—in 2022,  it’s up in second place!

Another California city, Bakersfield can claim to be one of the worst cities in the country for drivers. Accident rates, DUIs, citations, speeding…you name it, Bakersfield drivers have it bad.

america’s best cities for drivers

This leafy city regularly makes it in the rankings as one of the best cities for drivers. The average driver only gets in a collision every 12.6 years—way better than the national average. It’s a pretty dreamy place to live too.

Idaho in general has a pretty good rep when it comes to driving. It’s a low-traffic state and drivers are safer than elsewhere in the US. Boise, its biggest city, doesn’t let the state down either. Compared to other cities, it offers drivers the lowest likelihood of a collision. And with a low crime rate too, it’s generally a pretty safe place for everyone!

Just like Boise, Lincoln—the state capital for Nebraska—has a low crime rate and a good reputation on the roads too. If you’re taking a drive round these parts you shouldn’t expect too much trouble.

Knoxville is another easy-going city for drivers. It’s ranked as the safest city for road users in the South. The average driver will only have a crash every 11 years. Go Vols!

Come for the rocket launches, stay for the…excellent driving. Huntsville—home to NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center—is regularly ranked one of the best cities for drivers in the US. Here, you’re 18% less likely to have a traffic accident than elsewhere in America.

We hate to admit it, but even in the safest cities for drivers, there’s a chance you could end up in a collision. Even the best drivers have the occasional accidents on the road—and if it ever happens to you we just hope everyone involved is ok.

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