Junk my car in New Jersey

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People from Joisey have better things to do than deal with a broken-down car, like GTL, or not pumping their own gas. So it's no surprise they're all looking for the easiest way to sell their car if it's a jalopy. And Peddle is way up there.

New Jersey is a commuter state, which means having a decent car with a good air conditioner is a must. And now that in-person work is rolling again, people are taking a moment to weigh up if they need an upgrade. And for those that have decided to stick with a WFH setup, it could be time to cash in an old car that’s sitting around collecting dust (or taking up valuable garage space).

so where can you get cash for junk cars in New Jersey?

Well, there’s always Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, but don’t be surprised if you get stuck dealing with time wasters (or scammers). 

Then there’s junk yards, but who wants to spend their leisure time towing a car round to haggle with scrappers? You wanna spend that time arguing over where to get the best pizza, right?

have you heard of Peddle?

Heyaaar! That’s us. We’re based all over the US and we’re proud to be able to help car owners in New Jersey get some cash for their old junker. Peddle is a quick, easy and hassle free way to sell an old car.

Just tell us a few basic deets—make, model, mileage etc.—and we’ll make you an offer in…drum roll…seconds. If you’re feeling good about the price (we hope you will be) then we’ll even send someone to come and pick the car up for you, and hand you a check.

By our math, you could have shifted your old car and collected payment within a few days (maybe even sooner).

But don’t take it from us. New Jerseyans have left some pretty gleaming 5 star reviews about Peddle. Here are some of our faves:

“Everything was so simple and so easy I can only have good things to say about them. I highly recommend this company for their efficiency and phenomenal customer service.” — Esperanza

“I was skeptical at first selling a car to an online site. I got more money than local buyers wanted to pay. The towing company came on time…deposited the check and it cleared within 24 hours with no problems. So I am happy with Peddle and will use them again when needed!”— John

“Peddle was recommended by a friend and I'm so happy I took his advice. I went on line and filled in the form describing the car and the damage and within an hour I had an offer. I accepted the car was picked up a few days later and I had a check in hand. It doesn't get easier!” — Raymond

“I was stuck in a rut with mud in my butt when my engine went in Alexandria VA and had to tow my vehicle to New Jersey…I was stirred to google towing companies near me and up popped Peddle. I’ve never heard of them, but I called. I was asked a bunch of questions about my Toyota RAV4. I nearly fell out of the chair at the dealership when I was told how much they would give me. Truly Peddle was a blessing to me.” — Patti

If that sounds like the car selling experience you’re looking for, give us a try. Turn that junk car into moolah, buy yourself a shiny new commuter, or get rowdy in Atlantic City, Snooki-style. Whatever you choose, we’re here for it.