Scrap my car in Seattle

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It rains nine months a year in Seattle, but hey, the birthplace of grunge has its sunnyside too. They make great coffee, the air is clean, and if you’re looking for a tech career, then it’s home to the best in the biz.

As for car owners, well, a ton of rain ain’t half as bad as having the sun beat down on your hood day in day out, but over time it still takes a toll on your vehicle. Even more so in a place like Seattle, where it’s so wet that your car might not get much chance to dry out.

Cars that already have some damage to the exterior are going to rust up the quickest, while leaky seals on the windscreens will let moisture build up inside. If you’ve got an old car sitting outside in the elements then time is ticking. And as the rust, wear and tear builds up, the value goes right down. If you haven’t used your car for years then it may well be due for the scrap heap.

You may be thinking “is it time to junk my car?”. Allow us to introduce ourselves. Peddle aims to be the fastest, easiest way to sell a junk car online. Whether it’s still got miles on the road, or is a total wreck, we’ll take it off your hands. Just follow these three simple steps.

step one

Tell us a few basic deets—the make, model, mileage etc.—and we’ll make you an offer. You can do this entirely online and we’ll name a price in minutes.

step two

Once you accept the offer (we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!) you need to set up an account and schedule a pick up. That’s right—we’ll arrange someone to come and collect your car for you—and will send you a note to make sure you have your paperwork in order.

step three

Our pickup partner will show up to collect your car and—drum roll—hand you a check.

If worrying about where to cash in your junk car in Seattle is making you sleepless (sorry!), then let Peddle turn those worries into money. You can spend the moolah on a brand new car (maybe it’s time to go electric?), or go on a shopping spree at Pike Place Market. Whatever you do please, please go easy on those coffees…