What do I do with my junk vehicle in San Antonio

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San Antonio has been a trading hub since, well, 1691. But the Texas city and home of the Alamo, has come a long way since the days of Spanish explorers trekking through caminos.

Today San Antonio is a fast-growing metropolis with a bold history and buzzing cultural mix that shines through even today. Like the rest of the state it’s a city of car lovers but the downside of living in under that hot, hot Southern sun is that it can cause cars to wear down fast.

If your car is baking in the heat and collecting desert dust, it might be time to pack it off to the scrap heap. But what’s the easiest way to cash in your junk car in San Antonio besides visiting your local junkyard?

ummm, howdy! Have you heard of Peddle?

We’re based not far from San Antonio—over in Austin—but operate all over the US. Peddle was started to make it easier than ever to sell used cars online and we’re always ready to make you an offer.

so how does it work?

Just tell us a little about your old car. It doesn’t matter if it’s rusting away, or still got a bit of shine, we just need to know things like the condition, make, mileage and we’ll name a price. Our online instant offer tool means you can find out the value of your car in minutes. Then you just gotta decide whether to accept. (OK, we’re biased) but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

then what?

Then we’ll arrange for one of our pickup partners to swing by your location, collect your car and hand over a check.

and then what?

Head down to the River Walk—margaritas all round!

If you’ve got a junk car baking in the sun, don’t leave it roasting any longer than necessary. With Peddle in your neighborhood, you can turn a rusty motor into a payday.