How long do hybrid batteries last?

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The best thing about driving a hybrid or electric car is that you fill ‘er up less and save more moolah. But while fuel prices might become an afterthought, there is one valuable car part you depend on: the battery.

And while you can change a regular car battery for as little as 50 bucks, a hybrid battery can cost anywhere from $1000-$5000 to replace. Almost as much as the value of your car. If you’ve got one of those under the hood, here’s what you need to know.

how long does a hybrid battery last?

According to most manufacturers, such as Toyota and Lexus, the hybrid battery life should be 80-100,000 miles, which for an average driver equates to about a decade of driving. If it burns out sooner than this it will likely be covered under your manufacturer warranty.

If looked after correctly, a hybrid battery could last for 10-15 years or up to around 150,000 miles of driving.

how can I get my hybrid battery to last longer?


As with all car parts, regular maintenance is the key to a long and healthy life. If your combustion engine is running smoothly it will put less pressure on the battery to compensate for any inefficiencies. Make sure your battery gets checked during services.

charge it properly

Your car manufacturer will provide you with some guidelines for charging your battery effectively. Usually it’s recommended to not let your battery run completely flat and to avoid driving when it’s running low.

watch the weather

Driving in extreme hot and cold weather can really put pressure on your hybrid battery and reduce its lifespan.

get a hybrid battery test

This test helps mechanics locate any weak cells in the battery, which can then be restored to improve efficiency.

which car models have the best battery life?

Toyota says that the battery in the Prius should last as long as the car and Honda also boasts about long lasting batteries. The 2002 Civic IMA batteries have lasted almost 15 years and the batteries for the 2010 Insight are still running, and none have needed to be replaced yet.

how much does a hybrid battery cost to replace?

For the average first generation Prius, a replacement battery costs around $3600. For a second generation Prius you could be looking at $4000.

For an older Civic IMA it could cost around $2300, but the batteries on newer models are getting cheaper to replace, so could be closer to $1000.

The battery on a Toyota Camry is $4,800 and on the Highlander it's even more than that.

If you take good care of your hybrid car then the battery should be in for the long run, but if it’s fizzled out and it’s time for a replacement, then you might be thinking about upgrading your car too. At Peddle we’d love to buy your old hybrid (even if the battery is flat), and help you get some extra bucks to put towards a new (even greener) vehicle.