Safety tips for blow outs and roadside breakdowns

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Breakdowns and blowouts can be a total bummer but if it ever happens it’s best to be prepped for action. Keeping yourself and any passengers safe should be top of the agenda and if you’ve been in an accident or your roadside emergency has resulted in any injuries, dial 911 right away.

If your car is beyond repair then it might be time to sell it to Peddle. But before you think about cashing in your junk car you should take a note of these top breakdown tips. Whatever the circumstances, there are lots of important steps you can take to stay safe while you wait for help (and hopefully get moving again soon).

roadside emergency kit

For starters you should have some basic emergency kit packed. A properly inflated spare tire, car jack and lug wrench are non-negotiable if you want to tackle blowouts on the road.

Other pieces of kit to include are:

Jumper cables

Flashlight and batteries


Bottled water

Vehicle fuses

First aid kit

Energy bars



Tire pressure gauge

Nylon rope

Nice extras to include are things like bungee cords, a pocket knife, anti-freeze, tire inflator and an ice scraper.

what to do in a roadside breakdown

Pull over as much as possible to stay out of any oncoming traffic.

If flames or smoke are coming from the engine, call 911 and move at least 50 ft away from the vehicle.

If the check engine lights are on, it’s likely a mechanical breakdown. Pop your hood and turn on the hazard lights.

If the engine is steaming, and the temperature gauge shows that the car is overheated, wait until the car cools down before popping the hood.

Set out a hazard triangle (or flares if it’s nighttime and there is no fire risk).

Troubleshoot to see if you can resolve the problem yourself—we’ve got some great maintenance guides.

Call for roadside assistance (service numbers should be on the back of your insurance membership card).

If a tire is blown and you have a spare, park on a hard flat surface before changing it.

Breakdowns really blow (so can blow outs!) but with any luck you’ll be back on the road in no time. If you’ve dealt with one breakdown too many, or are facing an expensive bill for repair, then it might be time to leave that car behind you.

Sound familiar? Talk to Peddle. Tell us a bit about your car—the make, model, condition— and we’ll give you an offer in minutes.