Top 5 gas mileage myths

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Everyone wants to save money on gas (right?). And it’s a hot topic right now. Gas prices are at record high and household budgets are tight.

But there are so many gas mileage tips out there it can be hard to tell which ones actually make a difference to your bottom line. Let’s take a look at some common fuel economy myths.

idling reaps rewards

A common belief among drivers is that idling saves more fuel than stopping and starting. But it doesn’t really stack up. After all, modern hybrid cars stop and start automatically, right? The truth is fuel-injected engines are designed to start as efficiently as possible, which means stopping and starting really isn’t going to waste fuel (unless you need to do it a lot in quick succession, such as in a heavy traffic). Idling, however, can burn through half a gallon of fuel in an hour—so think twice before you leave that engine purring.

manual is more efficient than automatic

In the past, this may have been true. These days, not so much. Car manufacturers have dramatically improved the design of automatic transmissions over the years, which means there’s very little difference in fuel efficiency between the two (you might find some automatics even come up trumps for mileage). Really, if you’re looking at new cars, there’s nothing in it.

it’s better to fill up when it’s cold

We like the logic of this common money saving myth. The idea is that because liquids contract when it’s cold, if you fill up your car in the early morning, you’ll get a few drops extra in your tank for the same price. The truth is, gas stations store fuel underground, where it holds a pretty stable temperature. Whether you fill your tank up in the sun or snow, it’s not gonna make a difference to your gas bill.

cars become less efficient with age

It makes sense that the longer a car runs the less efficient it gets, right? Truth is, it doesn’t make much difference. Even after 10-15 years a car should still be pretty much as efficient as when you bought it. What matters is how well you look after your vehicle. A poorly maintained car will definitely have reduced fuel economy.

it’s great to overinflate

Another common fuel economy myth is that overinflating your tires will improve your mileage by reducing contact with the road. Unfortunately, there’s not much evidence to suggest that this will make a difference—in fact it could cause a ton of problems, such as uneven wear, a bumpy ride and the need to to change your tires more regularly. Want a tip? Inflate your tires to the correct pressure.

Getting a good gas mileage of your car has never been more important. There are lots of things you can do to improve your fuel economy, but sometimes the problem is the car itself. If it’s time to cash in your old ride and upgrade to a more efficient vehicle, Peddle can help. Let us know the make, model, and condition of your car and we’ll give you an offer in minutes. It couldn’t be easier.