How long does it take to sell a car with Peddle?

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3 min read

Time is money, and if you’re looking to sell your car, we bet you want to do it pronto. There are plenty of ways to offload a car these days—private sellers, trade in, Facebook marketplace, salvage yards—but Peddle is one way that’s designed to make it as speedy as possible.

We’re probably a little bias, but Peddle is the fastest way to sell a car (and you can do it from the couch). But how does it work? And how fast is it really…?

Let’s take a (fast!) look at the Peddle experience.

how do I sell my car with Peddle?

Fill in some basic info about your car—easy stuff like the make, model, mileage, title status, vehicle condition—and get an instant quote.

Total time: 5 minutes

If you’re happy with the offer - accept it! From there, we’ll need you to create an account so we can finalize all the details we need to get you paid and on your way.

Total time: a few minutes or a few days

After you’ve created your account and verified the final details about your vehicle, you’ll be asked to confirm the location where your vehicle will be picked up. Finally, you'll either be contacted by phone to schedule a pickup window or in some cases you’ll be able to select a preferred date and time as part of the online process. If you’re lucky you might get a pickup on the same day, but usually it takes a day or so.

Note: In some cases we’ll ask you to snap a few photos of your car before we come grab it. If photos are needed, we’ll let you know during the process and also send you reminders via email so you don’t forget.

Total time: 1–2 days

Pickup sorted. Now it’s time to prepare your car for collection. Clear out any belongings (don’t forget your wallet!) and make sure you’ve got the keys and documentation handy including your title, if you have it. If you don't have a title, don't worry—we may still be able to help, just make sure to let us know in advance.

Total time: 20–30 minutes

Get paid! When the carrier arrives to collect the car the deal is done and you’ll be handed a check.

Total time: seconds.

That’s it. Just five easy steps to sell your car. Oh, actually, there is one more important step.


Total time: as long as you like.

There are lots of ways to sell a used car but you’ll be hard pressed to find one quicker and easier than Peddle. Peddle was designed to put the customer first (and—you guessed it—our reviews are pretty awesome too). No messages from scam buyers, no dodgy dealerships. Just a simple online process that takes minutes.

You could click onto Peddle in the morning and be handed a check the very next day. If you’re thinking about selling your car, we’ll make sure you get it done in no time.