Selling to Peddle vs. Trading to a Dealership

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When it comes time to say toodle-oo to your old, faithful ride and upgrade to a newer one, you may be faced with the big decision of whether to sell your car privately or trade it in at a dealership. Both options have their ups and downs, so let's peel back this onion of selling versus trading.


Trading in your car might be up your alley if you don’t have time to create an ad, reply to emails, meet potential buyers, and organize test drives. Dealerships skip the hodgepodge of selling your car privately and make it easy to take your ride off your hands for the right price.

The value of your trade-in gets subtracted from your new car's price tag, which lowers how much you pay in total and monthly. In most states, you'll only pay taxes on the reduced amount of your new car after the trade-in.

not all cars are tradable

But there's a but, a big one, and we cannot lie. The dealership will likely give you a lowball offer for your trade-in based on their guesstimation. Now you're in a pickle with little room to negotiate, and money left on the table because you didn't sell your car privately.

Another thing to keep in mind is the overall condition of your car. If it needs repairs, has higher mileage, or is over ten years old, they may not make you an offer. So, selling your car privately might be your only option.

sell your car the easy way

Luckily, there's a third option, which is selling your car with Peddle. We wipe out the headache of a private sale and offer step-by-step instructions for transferring ownership. That way, you don't have to worry about muffing up the paperwork. Plus, we’ll pick up your car for free and pay you on the spot. See what your car is worth and get an instant offer today.