The fastest way to sell a car online

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Buying or selling a car used to take a whole lotta time. Folks would want to kick the tires IRL before any cash changed hands. Nowadays, you can wheel and deal whatever you want online, and auto sales are no different. Where once people would only sell a car down the dealership or by meeting a private buyer in person, online car selling is becoming the norm.

But not all the online car selling options are a simple case of click click boom. And with online scammers roaming the wild west of the web, some might even make you wish for the good ol’ days.

Now, more than ever, people selling their car online need to be careful about who they trust to handle the transaction. Wondering who buys cars? And how to sell your car fast? Let’s take a look at the online auto selling landscape.

Craigslist and Facebook marketplace

Simple, free and easy, Craigslist and Facebook marketplace are popular first-calls for online car sellers. But are they quick…? If you get lucky, sure. But chucking an advert for a car onto a popular platform can mean having to field tons of phony enquiries from timewasters. Even if you think you’ve arranged a potential buyer, they could end up ghosting you.

As you’d expect, free listing sites are also popular with online scammers. So you really have to keep your wits about you.

eBay motors

One up from Facebook is eBay motors. It costs a little to list your car—usually around $20-70—and gets a lot of eyes on your vehicle. But the downside is that the fees are high, and you still have to navigate potential time wasters. It’s not uncommon to hear people complain about selling their car several times before the buyer actually showed up to pay for it.


It's one of the more popular call-selling sites out there, so you may well be thinking Autotrader is worth a shot. It’s pricey to even list your car, though—expect to pay 50 bucks—but perks include being able to add your vehicle history report and lots of photos to help attract buyers. It’s a busy marketplace though and you may find yourself sitting around for sometime before you get a decent offer on the table.

and then there’s Peddle…

Oh, yeah, that’s us. Howdy! Peddle was set up because we took a good look at the options for selling a car online and thought, hey, we can do it better…and a whole lot faster.

With Peddle you don’t need to worry about scammers, timewasters, or coordinating test drives. Just tell us a few details about your car and we’ll give you an offer. That’s it. You can do it all online, so you don’t even have to leave your couch. You could even do it in bed, walking the dog, at the gym…anywhere you can get online on your phone.

We don’t think it could get much easier than that—or faster. You’ll get an offer in minutes and we’ll even send someone to pick up your car and hand you a check as soon as the next day. We’re probably biased (sorry not sorry) but when it comes to selling a used car safely, quickly and without any hassle, Peddle is the future.