The new Peddle is here—making it easier than ever to sell that clunker

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We got a tune-up. And it’s kind of a big deal. Because like it says up there in the headline, selling a very used car is now even easier. Also, just better.

As you may or may not know, Peddle started out with that very mission—to make selling a used car feel awesome (instead of super time-consuming and head-achy). And you know how it is these days, things change crazy fast, technology and all that. So we’ve been working extra hard to keep getting better and better and better.

Our amazing team of designers, developers, writers, strategists, etc. have been working their tails off for us the last year or so to make sure we have THE BEST car selling experience out there. And guess what! Now we do. Wanna hear about it? I thought so.

selling your car with Peddle is faster

Zoom zoom zoom—we’re talking “sell your car” in mere minutes! You’ll fly through this process., And if you accept our offer, we may be able to pick your car up as soon as today, thanks to our scheduling magic-maker.

details can be confusing—but not here

VIN numbers, car titles, damage descriptions—it can be tricky, we know. So we went ahead and took the trickiness out. We have super clear descriptions and help text, so you kind of can’t mess this up. But JUST IN CASE our amazing customer support team is always just a chat or phone call away.

you can sell your car easily while multitasking

Speaking of phones, this whole new selling experience works super well on those mobile ones. So you can very easily sell your car while you’re in between meetings or appointments, or at the gym, or on hold, or eating lunch, or at the park, or picking up your kids, or walking the dog, or just on your couch hanging out watching TV. It’s easier anywhere and everywhere. (Yay!)

selling your car with Peddle is just plain happier

Our creative creator team is ridic and found all these little ways to make the experience just feel awesomer. So you’ll be going through the process with an actual smile on your face, that kind of thing. 

don’t take our word for it

We’re obviously pretty stoked about the new experience but we really hope you go ahead and check it out for yourself. And if you do, we looooove hearing what you think. Almost as much as we love buying super used cars for super fair prices super duper easily (100K overwhelmingly positive reviews can’t be wrong, right?).