What are Peddle sellers doing with their cash?

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It’s about that time.

You’ve come to terms with the fact that your car has gotta go. So, you hit up Peddle, who helped you answer a few simple questions, understand your used car value, and set up time to have your junker taken away––leaving you with nothing but a check in hand. Not too shabby.

Now comes the fun part. How do you go about deciding where all that extra money will go? What would you want to do with it? What have you already done with it? Ahead, we list some ways Peddle sellers are spending their new old-car money.

roll the cash into a new ride

Wahoo! That’s right. Some Peddle sellers decided to upgrade with a new set of wheels—featuring a custom car color and that oh-so-sweet new car smell. According to a seller in Kansas, “Peddle helped ease the worry about how to rid myself of a car that I thought was junk and worthless. I am so pleased with the results. I used the money as a down payment on [a] newer car.”

save away for the next rainy day

A practical penny saver indeed! Some Peddle sellers were so pumped about the money in their pocket that they decided to save…for when things go sour, or maybe even sweet—perhaps even for an actual rainy day. One of Peddle’s customers said that, “A quick quote to get rid of my old car was enough to replace the down payment back into my savings from purchasing my new car.” There ya have it. There’s power in your choice. Onward!

examine and estimate: the essentials

Some Peddle sellers got it down to a science. Pocketed Peddle money divided by monthly essentials could = paying off those pesky little purchases. Nice! Imagine a world where you don’t have to account for your streaming services, groceries, or smaller bills—even if only for a short amount of time. That’s the world one of Peddle’s customers lives in, who said, “I have nothing but gratitude and money to buy groceries for two or three months as a result.” See? That world could easily (and feasibly) be yours.

treat ya (future) self

For some Peddle sellers, the choice was clear: Treat yaself! One of Peddle’s customers put it perfectly by saying, “Glad to have my old car gone and am saving up to go on vacation with the money I made by selling my car to Peddle.” Your used car value could equal your next plane ticket.  Suhweet.

Once you sell your car with Peddle, you (of course) have full control over how you want to spend your Peddle pennies. (That would be a lot of pennies, but you get the picture.) Whether inspired by the customer reviews above, or simply curious how other sellers spent their coin, the point is that Peddle makes it painless to turn metal scraps into fast and easy cash. We’re here to help in any way we can…especially if that means being a +1 for an upcoming vacation. Anyone?

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