What to do after Peddle buys my car?

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2 min read

Just sold your car to Peddle? Congrats! You’ve got some extra bucks in the bank and you’re ready to roll…right?

Well, there are actually a few last things to remember now that your junk car is off your hands. We’ve put together a car sale checklist to help you tie up those loose ends.

cancel your insurance

Don’t pay out for insurance on a car you don’t own any more. Trust us, you really don’t want to do this! When you’ve closed the sale take five minutes to call your insurer and cancel your policy.

cancel any subscriptions

Same story as above. Close any subscriptions you have attached to your car, such as satellite radio or concierge services like OnStar.

shred old paperwork

When you sell a car you’ll need to hand over the title. You should also save any service receipts if you are planning to write them off against your tax bill. Other paperwork, such as old maintenance records, you should dispose of properly. Yep, get that shredder whirring.

arrange notice of release of liability

In some states, when you sell a car you need to let your local DMV know that you no longer own the vehicle. It’s called a Notice of Release of Liability. We’ve put together a handy state-by-state guide so you can double-check if you need to send this (or if there are any other final state-specific requirements).


OK, this one’s optional. But if you’ve shifted your old junker and got some cash to spare, we think you’ve earned it!

We hope you found it quick and easy to sell your car with Peddle—but make sure you remember to clear any outstanding paperwork when you’re done or those expenses could come back to bite.

If you enjoyed your experience, take a break from all important step 5 to let us know about it with a review. And next time you’re looking to get rid of an old car, we’re here to help.