When will I get paid for selling my used car to Peddle?

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Sometimes you just need cash fast. Maybe you get an unexpected bill or home maintenance cost, spring cleaning, or you just really need a vacation NOW. When you need cash fast, Peddle comes through. We’re the fastest, easiest, awesomest way to sell your used car for cash (like now).

so, you’ve accepted our offer

You’ve answered some questions, received your instant offer, accepted said offer, created your account and finalized the deets, easy peasy. Yay! At this point, we’ll hook you up with one of our picker-upper partners who will contact you to schedule your pickup. This generally happens within a few days, if not right away.

get paid at pickup

When the tow truck comes for the pickup, they’ll give your car a quick once over and check some boxes to make sure it’s as you say it is (this just takes a few mins). At this point you’ll hand over your keys and your title (if that was part of our agreement), and the driver will hand you a check. If you are unable to be present at the time of pickup, or if it’s inconvenient for you to receive a check at that time, we can also arrange to have your payment sent by mail, as soon as your pickup is confirmed.

easy as pie, right?

At Peddle, our #1 goal is to make every step of the cash-for-cars process fast, easy, and enjoyable—and that, of course, includes getting paid. We hope you enjoy your money. <3

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