Fastest ways to sell your car in Atlanta

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A-Town is booming. Georgia’s state capital has become a hotspot for Hollywood transplants and the city is getting a fresh new rep for its film and TV industry. It’s among the fastest growing cities in the US—but the public transit, which is the second worst in the country, could do with a bit of catching up.

One thing that’s still the same in Atlanta is that you really need to have a car to get around. And with hot summers and cold winters, vehicles have to face tough conditions year in year out.

With lots of demand for a decent car, and residents always looking for a smoother, more efficient drive for their commute, there’s always people looking to sell their old car in Atlanta. But what’s the fastest way to sell an old car in A-Town? Let’s take a look at the options.

private buyer

Folks that have a car at the lower end of the market—which you might get a couple of thousand bucks for—you might think about listing it online yourself. Facebook and Craigslist make this pretty simple, but oftentimes you get a bunch of people—not to mention scammers—trying to haggle you down well below your car’s value.

Even finding someone who's interested can be the start of a whole new kind of headache—bombarding messages and calls, ghosting, or changing terms.

It can seem like an easy way to sell a car, but end up wasting a lot of time.

trade in

If the plan is to buy a new car, doing a trade-in deal can seem like the logical option. If you head down to Atlanta’s Peachtree Industrial Boulevard you’ll have plenty of choices of dealerships to choose from.

You might get a good deal—but probably only if your car is in pretty good shape. And we’re not just talking about the engine. You’ll need to give it a proper clean and polish if you want to stand a chance of getting decent bucks.

Often, it’s just not worth it—especially if you’ve got an old model (or a total junker). Driving up and down Peachtree trying to find the best deal is no way to spend the day.

then there’s Peddle…

If you’re looking for a fast way to sell a used car (and not just fast, but easy), then Peddle is a really good option. We started out as a solution to some of the problems that can arise when you sell a second-hand car—and we think we’ve got a pretty sweet system for it.

Our roots may be in Austin, TX, but we operate in all fifty states. We’ve got a real soft spot for Atlanta and we think you guys like us too. Atlanta is one of our most popular cities to buy up very used cars.

Whether your car is still rolling true, or destined for the salvage yard, we’ll be happy to buy it. We see value in old cars whatever the condition—all you need to do is tell us a few details (online) and we’ll give you an instant quote. Then we’ll send someone to collect the car and hand you a check. You can spend that extra cash on a new car—or grab some Falcons Tickets.