Is winter a good time to sell my very used car?

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If you’re looking to sell your car, you want to beef up your chances of getting an awesome price. And just as there are good times of year to buy a new car, there are better times to sell them.

Depending on the type of car you’re selling, it could be worth keeping an eye on the seasons, so let’s take a look at how it can play out.

when is the best time to sell a used car?

Generally speaking, spring and summer are a good time to sell a car. There are a few reasons for this, but a big one is that as the weather gets warmer more people are out and about on leisure trips and thinking ahead to any summer vacay plans.

Plus, some lucky people will have received their tax refund, so will be feeling flush and have the extra cash to make a new purchase.

The type of car matters too. As you can imagine, spring and summer—when people are thinking about fun in the sun—is the ideal time to sell a convertible or sports car.

but should I sell my car in winter?

There are a few things people want less in winter. Ice cream, sun tan lotion, and convertibles. Go figure! But if you’re selling an SUV or off-roader, fall and winter can be a good time to pitch to buyers.

Even more so if you are based in a part of the country that has the coldest weather. People will be thinking ahead to the tough weather conditions and more people will be in the market for a hardy ride, or a 4x4 that can cope with snow and ice.

other seasonal factors to consider when selling a car

Holiday weekends can be bad times for private car sales. These are periods when dealerships throw sales, like on Black Friday, or New Year’s Day. Customers will be shopping for deals and it can flood the market, making it harder to get the best offer.

Another factor to consider is that manufacturers release new models in the fall which drives down the price of second-hand cars. It leads to a spike in demand from bargain-hunters during the winter, making it a good time to sell a used car.

It’s also worth noting that some of the most popular cars among Americans, such as trucks and SUVs, sell pretty well all year around. And selling your car online always gives you the strongest chance of getting a decent deal.

any other tips…?

The best advice is not to rush. Try to sell your car when it feels right—anyone selling in a hurry will end up getting a bad deal.

Here at Peddle we’ll be happy to buy your car all year round, so when you’re ready, just let us know. Winter, spring, summer or fall… actually, you don’t even have to call…just visit us at and we’ll give you a quote in minutes.