What are the most popular cars sold in New York?

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Ask any New Yorker about the best modes of transportation in their city and they’ll tell you its taxis, subways, and sidewalks. (Maybe roller skates…) 

But driving your own car…not so much.

Yep, the Big Apple is very much a public transit city. But millions of people who live in the outer boroughs and nearby towns depend on their car to commute into work every day. It means tons of cars are being bought and sold in the NYC area every day—and here at Peddle, we’re always keeping an eye on the trends.

For starters, lots of people have been reconfiguring their lives since remote working went mainstream. In some cases, this means moving out of Manhattan and pitching up somewhere more leafy. Without the N-Train handy, car ownership suddenly makes sense.

On the flip side, lots of households have found that without the need to commute every day, their car is collecting dust in the garage. With gas prices rising, it’s not the greatest time to do a lot of driving. And with prices for cars peaking too, there’s plenty of reasons why now is a good time to sell your old car, or cash it in for a more efficient model.

And if you’re based in New York and thinking about selling your car, you’re probably wondering how much you could get for it. Peddle is a major car buyer in New York, and we’re making new offers every day. Not only will we make you an instant offer in seconds, but we’ll arrange a free pick up of your car and hand you a check on the spot. It’s fast, convenient and you get some extra bucks at the end of it.

So let’s take a look at some of the most popular cars in the area and what we pay for them.

toyota prius

The Prius is a bestseller across the country and New York is no different. It’s probably the best known hybrid drive in the world and it’s top in its class for fuel efficiency. The Prius boasts plenty of space and a sleek design—so it suits someone who likes to drive with style.The resale value is known to be pretty good too.

Peddle recently bought  a 2006 Toyota Prius in Rochester, New York

chevrolet equinox

Like the CRV, the Equinox is a best-selling compact SUV that ticks the boxes for tons of New Yorkers. Big enough for a comfy ride and small enough to deal with tight parking spaces—what more do you need?

Peddle recently purchased a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox in Rochester, New York

nissan rogue

Rogue by name, not by nature, this practical compact SUV is a best-seller in NYC (and across the states). It has good handling, great fuel economy, and plenty of space for extra cargo.

Peddle recently bought a 2011 Nissan Rogue in Carmel, New York

honda accord

An award winning midsize car, the Honda Accord is a big win for families. It’s comfy, spacious, reliable, and scores great reviews across the board. Car and Driver can’t stop raving about it. It’s actually one of the most popular cars Peddle buys.

Peddle recently paid for a 2000 Honda Accord in Staten Island, New York

honda CRV

The CRV is a super reliable SUV. It might not be the flashiest model out there, but it’s a solid choice for families looking for a practical ride that can handle a lot of use. The CRV is a hybrid, making it a particularly economical car to run.

Peddle recently purchased 2004 Honda CRV in Syracuse, New York

We could go on…the bottom line is: it doesn’t matter what car you have. Or what condition it is in. If you’re a New Yorker looking to switch up your wheels, get in touch. We can give you an offer for your old ride in minutes—and you can spend the money on some new roller skates, perhaps.