What's the best way to sell a car remotely?

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These days, you can buy just about anything on the interwebs and have it delivered to your door. It’s pretty easy to sell things too—but what about your old car? Well, there is one way…

have you heard about Peddle?

Here’s the lowdown. Peddle was set up to try and make it as quick and easy to sell your car online. Sure, there were other ways to do—like Facebook marketplace, Craigslist or second-hand car listing sites—but these often end up more trouble than they’re worth. We wanted to create a way to sell your car online without having to watch out for online scams, time wasters, or dodgy dealers.

And we think we did it (check out our reviews if you like, we’re pretty proud of them).

how does Peddle work?

All you have to do is tell us a few details about your vehicle and we’ll give you an instant offer. We’ll even send someone to pick it up, and hand you a check.

what if I can’t be present for my car’s sale?

It’s a question a lot of people ask us, and in many cases the answer is yes! Let’s take a look at some of the specifics.

do I need to be present when the tow truck comes to pick up my car?

If you’ve made prior arrangements, you may not need to be there when your car gets collected. However, if you’d like payment on the spot (and who doesn’t!?) you will have to have someone there to meet the carrier. Get in contact with your carrier to discuss your options (we’re also here to help if you need it).

do I need to sign anything in person upon pickup?

If your car has a title, as long as the title has been signed in advance, then no, you’re all good! If you are selling your car with a title, some states require your title to be notarized. If you live in one of those states, or if your title was issued in one of those states, be sure to have that done beforehand.

can my spouse / family member pass off the paperwork for me?

Yes, if the owner of the car has signed the title in advance, then you can have a family member pass on the paperwork.

what do I need to have signed and ready before pickup?

To have your vehicle prepped for pickup, make sure you clear out any personal items and have the keys handy. You’ll need to have the title signed, and be ready to remove the license plates too.

There are lots of ways to sell your car online, but Peddle makes it as easy as ever, and you don’t even need to be there. If you are planning on selling your car remotely, then there may be a few things to double check before pick up, but we’re on call to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.