Where should I sell my truck?

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Here at Peddle, we always have our eye on the junk car market. And right now, used trucks are all the rage. Honestly, it’s truck-crazy out there and prices are hot. So if you have a heavy vehicle hanging around, now’s a real good time to cash it in.

There are lots of options for how to sell that old truck—and each comes with its own set of pros and cons. Let’s run through some of your options.

should I sell my truck on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace?

Craigslist and Facebook marketplace can be quick and easy—when they work. These sites can also be a bit of a false economy. It takes a few minutes to put together an ad—then you sit back and wait. But it’s hard to tell if people are authentic and which are too good to be true. There’s also a real risk of scams. Or at the very least, people wasting your time.

At the very least, it’s likely you’ll have to deal with haggling over the price, and strangers making ridiculous offers.

If you do get some legit offers for your truck, you then have to negotiate a pickup or drop-off. It can lead to more hassle, a ton of messages, and then…nothing. It’s not uncommon to get ghosted before you close the deal.

Free listing sites can be tempting, but even if you get a good price, it can end up being more hassle than it’s worth. At Peddle, we’ll give you a fair price, with no haggling (promise). We won’t flake —check out our reviews, which speak for themselves.

what about trade ins?

If you’re currently looking to buy a new car or truck, then it makes sense to consider a trade in and kill two birds with one stone. It can seem convenient, but oftentimes a trade in won’t get you the best value compared to other options.

Usually you’ll need your truck to be in good condition (it needs to be clean too), so it’s less favorable for junk trucks.

And if you want to get a good price, you’ll likely want to drop by a few different dealerships. It can take a lot of time and effort before you’ve found the best deal.

If the truck you want to get rid of is a real rustbucket then a trade in is unlikely. We don’t see it that way at Peddle. We see the value in junk trucks, however old, broken, or covered in dirt—even if it’s driving days are over, we’ll source a great deal to sell it for parts or scrap.

could I just fix it up?

Fixing up an old truck can be a lot of fun, a complete time suck - or both (you probably won’t know till you’re knee deep in rusty parts and engine oil.) As well as weighing how much free time you’re willing to commit to the project, you’ve also got to weigh the cost of repairs. First there’s the parts, and unless you’re doing the work yourself you’ve got to factor in the labor costs too.

If the repairs are minor, like a broken headlight, then it could be worth fixing it. But if the problems are severe like a blown transmission, it’s going to cost you a lot to sort out. Things like deployed airbags can be super expensive to replace too.

Unless you REALLY love that truck, if the repairs are going to cost you more than the selling price, it’s not worth it.

should I sell my junk truck to a salvage yard?

If you sell to a salvage yard you have to consider a couple of things. It can be tricky to negotiate a good price for scrap and finding the best deal for your truck could take some time. The other thing is that salvage yards can charge you for junk truck removal.

But if you think your truck is heading for salvage, Peddle has already done the work for you. We’re hooked up with reputable salvage yards, as well as wholesale buyers and auction houses across the country, and can figure out the best deal for you without any of the hassle.

should I sell my used truck online?

There are tons of options online and it can be super tricky to figure out which dealer to go with. Lots of them make it seeeeem easy—and dangle an instant offer in front of you—but often turns out to be anything but, with their “instant” offer requiring a lengthy phone call to negotiate a price and dig into more details. Even if you accept the deal you have to deliver the car yourself then wait weeks for payment. 

Here at Peddle, this just didn’t seem right to us. It shouldn’t be that difficult to sell a junk truck, right? That’s why we figured out a better way to do it. We give you an instant offer, then we send someone to pick up your truck for free—and hand you a check on the spot. There’s no hoops or gimmicks—just a quick and easy way to turn that junk truck into cash.