Where to get the most for my car in Las Vegas

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It’s boom time in Las Vegas, where more and more people are rolling the dice on a full-time life in Sin City. Yup, Vegas is on the up. Improvements to infrastructurelike a high-speed rail—are adding to the appeal, along with economic growth that means more jobs and opportunities all around. It’s set to be among the fastest-growing cities in the States by 2060.

And even though infrastructure is improving, all the extra people—and cars—means one thing you can really bet on is hitting some traffic. More than three quarters of Las Vegans commute to work and since you really need a car to get around, it’s no surprise Las Vegas has seen some of the biggest jumps in demand and prices for used cars.

So if you’ve got a used car and you want to take a chance on scoring extra bucks, then right now the odds are hella in your favor. Your junker is likely selling for more right now than it ever will. And trust us, we know all about buying used cars.

but where can Las Vegans get the most for their used cars?

There’s always options out there. Lots of people sell their car privately, which can work great if you get lucky, but more likely means spending a lot of time coordinating meetings with different potential buyers.

Craigslist and Facebook marketplace are also popular—and are quick and easy to use—but oftentimes you’ll be bombarded with time-waster offers (or even worse get hit by scammers).

Then there’s dealerships, which are a more secure option, but you gotta understand that because they’ll want to make further profit from your car you can expect the salesmen to drive a hard bargain. Plus you’ll need your car to be clean and in good condition to stand a chance of getting a good price (no junkers please and thank you).

there is another way…

We know Las Vegans love a risky bet, but when you just want some quick cash for an old car, why not play to win? Peddle is the safe option for selling a used car. In fact, we were set up to help car owners sell their old vehicle quickly and easily so convenience is in our DNA.

Just tell us a few deets about your car—make, model, condition…the easy stuff—and we’ll give you an offer in seconds. We’ll even send someone to collect it from you, which means you could be getting a check in a matter of days.

People in Las Vegas love Peddle as the best way to get the most for their used car without the haggle, hassle, and risk. So if you’re looking for some bucks to buy a new ride, or just want a wild night out on the strip, we’re here to help.