Where to sell a car in Detroit

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Detroit, the Motor City. The birth of the Model T and the auto industry. While Henry Ford was a genius in his own right, did you know he wasn't the best in school? Turns out he had dyslexia. But he worked hard to overcome it and designed his cars the same way. They were tough and built to last.

And Michiganders know how to keep their cars running and on the road. Through frigid winters and swampy summers, taking care of your ride is a proud pastime. In the Midwest, bragging about how many miles your car has or how many deers it has hit is commonplace. And you can often hear the wistful phrase, "...they don't make 'em like they used to."

Holding on to your rust bucket might be more of an uphill climb than before—you might be thinking, who would buy it? We will.

Boogie on over to our website and tell us about your car. We'll make you an offer. If you're happy with it, we'll send someone to come and pick up your old car for free. You could turn your slow car into some quick quiche, no matter how many miles or how close it is to the junkyard.

Get your no-pressure, headache-free offer in minutes.