Where to sell a car in Jacksonville

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Jacksonville is a big city with a Southern-town feel. It’s also home to a little piece of automotive history, with one of the oldest Ford factories known for rolling out those classic Model Ts.

Times are changing for Jacksonville though. Noone drives Model Ts for starters, and now the 100-year-old factory is slated for demolition. Local history buffs are up in arms, but local officials are looking to the future.

It’s a similar story for car owners in the city. Folks in Jacksonville like to hang on to their cars (sometimes a bit longer than its worth). Lately there’s been a spate of catalytic converter thefts and it’s often older vehicles—and the ones left sitting out in the drive for too long—that get targeted.

And while life in the Sunshine State can leave you glowing, it can be a tough environment for a car. The heat, humidity and proximity to the coast means the battle against rust is real. If you don’t take care of your motor it can quickly start to wear down.

If you don’t have a garage, and don’t want to fork out for extra security or rust repairs then you might be better off selling your old car and getting a weather-ready vehicle. With Jacksonville giving an extra push to get drivers behind the wheel of EVs, there’s never been a better time to go in for an upgrade.

but where can I sell my car in Jacksonville?

You might be wondering, “who buys cars online”? Howdy! Here at Peddle our raison d’etre is turning cars into moolah. We’re based all over the US but Jacksonville will always have a special place in our hearts.

Sell a car the Peddle way and you’ll have the deal done without having to leave the couch. Head over to our website and tell us a few basic details about your car—the make, model, mileage, condition etc. — and bingo. We’ll make you an offer. If you’re happy with it (we hope you will be) then we’ll even send someone to come and collect your old car from you.

It’s so easy that our customers even have time to leave us some sparkling reviews (take a look!) and they keep on coming.

how long does it take?

From start to finish, you could turn your old car into cash in a matter of days (sometimes quicker).

and how will I get paid?

Very important information! How would you like to get paid? When the pick up driver shows up to collect your old car, they hand you a check.

And the best thing about selling a car to Peddle is we’ll make you an offer whether it’s got miles on the clock, or is set for the junkyard. The only thing we can’t put a price on is a classic Model T (but that’s a keeper right?)