Where to sell a car in the Tri-State area

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Based in the tri-state area? Well you could pretty much live anywhere…

There are 62 tri-state areas in the US, and though everyone stakes a claim to it, the term can refer to any metropolitan area that borders three states. Here at Peddle, we've got to know all of them–we're operating across the US, helping people sell their used cars quickly, easily, and online.

That said, there are a few tri-state areas that deserve a shout out.

The New York, New Jersey, Connecticut tri-state area has an outsized reputation and for a lot of people that’s the first place that pops into their mind when they hear the term.

The tri-state area at Chattanooga is also pretty classy. Head down that way to visit the tripoint and you can stand in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama in one go.

Then there’s the Chicago tri-state area AKA Chicagoland, which covers parts of Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

The Great Boston Metropolitan Region has style. And we love the nickname for Ark-La-Tex (you gotta say it out loud).

Some folk are so hyped for tri-points they go on a cross-country tour to try and “bag” as many as they can. Tri-pointing enthusiasts want to visit all 39 tri-points that are found on land (the rest are in lakes or rivers). Even if they don’t manage, you gotta tri right? (Sorry, couldn’t help it!).

Whichever tri-state area you call home, here at Peddle we’re here to serve. If you’re wondering “where can I sell my car in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut”, or any of the tri-state locations, we can help. Get extra moolah from your used car without having to leave the couch.