Where to sell a junk car in Houston

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H-Town might be at the heart of a gas guzzling state but it’s working hard to go green. There are a whole bunch of initiatives to incentivize Houstonites to upgrade their old car for an electric vehicle. The Texas EV rebate program offers a $2,500 rebate to anyone who buys an electric car (and that’s on top of the $7,500 federal tax credit electric car owners can claim).

And the city is not just modernizing, it’s growing too. There’s a whole influx of new citizens working in the energy, tech and medical sectors.

It means more people than ever are looking at their old car and thinking, as Houston’s homegrown hometown queen Beyonce put it: “I could have another you in a minute…”

If you’re one of those people, and are thinking about cashing in your old car for something newer (or greener) then there’s obviously a ton of scrap yards you could visit in the city. But is that really the easiest way to sell a junk car in Houston?

ummm…can we tell you about Peddle?

Peddle was started as a new way to sell second-hand cars—whether they’re still driving, or set for the salvage yard. With us, there’s no need to deal with the hassle of driving around to meet different buyers. We’ve created a system where you can do the whole thing online and we’ll send something to come and pick it up (for free!).

So far, people seem to be into it. We’ve got some ace reviews (see for yourself) and they keep on coming.

Our HQ is in Texas (we’re based down in Austin), so we have a soft spot for the folks in Houston. We actually buy cars all over the US, from Chicago to San Francisco.

so how can I sell my junk car in Houston?

Swing on over to Peddle.com and let us know some basic deets about your car. You’ll probably know these off the top of your head: year, make, model…

And even if it’s destined for the scrap yard, we’ll give you an offer. Then we’ll send a pickup to collect your car and hand you a check. The whole thing should be done and dusted in a day or two.

So if you’re fed up driving your gas guzzler and want to level up to something electric (or even just a bit more efficient) Peddle is in Houston to help you make the city (and your wallet) a little greener.