Where to sell a used car in Sacramento

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It ain’t easy being green, but the state of California is always coming up with new incentives to create a cleaner environment for visitors and locals.

The recent push is steering drivers towards Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs). And that’s exactly what’s happening in the state capital, where residents are taking advantage of the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, which offers a rebate for the lease of purchase of cleaner vehicles. The rebate could be worth as much as $4,500 if you buy a fuel cell electric vehicle, $2,000 for electric vehicles and $1,000 for plug-in hybrids. And with gas prices going up to record levels, it’s no surprise drivers are looking for alternatives.

As you’d expect, Sacramentans are jumping on the (electric) bandwagon. In 2022, zero emission cars counted for around 20% of all new cars sold in the state.

It also means that drivers are looking to cash in their old car. So if you’re wondering where you can sell a used car in Sacramento, then you’re not alone. Let’s take a look at the options.

private sale

Selling your car by private sale is a common choice for drivers. You’ll need to advertise it—options range from sticking a poster in the rear window (old school!) to paying for a listing in a magazine or second-hand car website.

After that you’ll have to coordinate with potential buyers yourself, negotiating a time and place to meet as well as haggling for the price.

facebook marketplace or Craigslist

These are free, quick and easy to use, but can be a false economy. Sure, you get lots of eyes on your advert, but then you have to filter out the time wasters. They’re popular, but oftentimes unreliable.

trade in

Opting for a dealership trade-in is an easier option than selling your used car on Facebook, especially if you want to avoid online scammers and are planning to buy a new car anyway. But to get a good price you’ll usually need your car to be in good condition (and clean), so it’s less favorable if you're trying to shift a junker.

then there’s Peddle…

If these options don’t appeal, you might want to try something new. Peddle was created to make selling a used car as quick and easy as possible. Just tell us the details about your car—make, model, mileage and the condition—and we’ll give you an offer in seconds. We’ll even send someone to collect it for you.

With Peddle you don’t need to think about haggling or coordinating potential buyers to secure a sale. Hey, we don’t even mind if it’s a total rustbucket. Whether it’s a golden oldie, or heading for the salvage yard, we’ll take it off your hands—and you can put that cash towards an electric future (or tickets for the Kings!).