Who buys cars for cash in Connecticut?

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Here’s a fun fact: Connecticut was the first state in America to introduce a speed limit for cars—it was a scorching 12 mph. That was in 1901. Fast forward a century and Connecticut has really picked up the pace. Not just on the roads, but buying cars too. Car sales boomed in Connecticut during the pandemic and the state has seen the biggest increase in price for used cars.

Residents are cashing in on electric vehicle incentives in record numbers, and commuters (and “super commuters”) are in no short supply. That’s right, Connecticut is a car-crazy state and with all that reliance on the roads folks don’t have time for junkers.

Car owners here are always looking to trade in their old vehicle and upgrade to a snazzy (and fuel-efficient) new ride. But where exactly are they selling them? Dealerships? eBay? Bitcoin marketplaces?

well…have you heard about Peddle?

Peddle exists for a simple purpose: making it easy for people to get cash for cars. We’re based all over the US—from Cali to NYC. And you guessed it, we’re rocking out in Connecticut too. The thing is, selling a used car online can be annoying at best (scammy at worst) and we thought we could do better.

We’ve created an online system where you can get a quote on your car in minutes. Just tell us a few basic details about it—the make, model, mileage, condition etc. — and bingo. If you’re happy with the offer (we hope you will be) then we’ll even send someone to come and collect your old car from you.

Yep, with Peddle you can sell your car and wave goodbye to it without having to get up from the couch. That’s probably why we’ve picked up some stellar reviews (see for yourself) and they keep on coming.

how long does it take?

From start to finish, you could turn your old car into cash in a matter of days (sometimes quicker).

and how will I get paid?

Good question! How would you like to get paid? When the pick up driver shows up to collect your old car, they hand you a check.

The Constitution State is home to sharp people—so it makes sense that they’re all jumping to go electric—and Peddle is here to help. Sell your old car to us, and put that cash towards a shiny EV.