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How our offers work

The science behind our offers

Every bit of information we gather helps us calculate how much we can offer on the car you're selling. We analyze current market data to figure out how much we can pay; that's why it's crucial we receive information that is as accurate as can be; details such as whether the car starts and drives, exterior damage, has accompanying documentation, and the like, all help us determine your offer.
Car offer condition


Can you drive it? Is it damaged? Is it missing parts or in mint condition? Telling us your car's story helps us generate your offer.
Car offer documentation


Do you have a clean and transferable title for your car? That makes things easy! But if needed, we can help with title issues.
Car offer market data

Market Data

What's your car's past value? We work with auto-­recyclers, salvage yards, and wholesalers across the nation to get you a great offer within our network.
How Peddle calculates offers
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Peddle offers you a fast and easy way to sell your car. Better yet, it's absolutely free. You'll receive your offer instantly without having to fork over all your information. Easy, breezy.
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