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The Chevrolet Cavalier is a hit with drivers looking for a compact and fuel-efficient option. Sell your Chevy Cavalier with Peddle and get cash for your car today!\n Nissan Altima The Nissan Altima not only has fantastic fuel efficiency, but it also has a sporty handle which makes it stand out among other affordable midsize sedans. Receive an instant offer to sell your Nissan Altima and get cash for your car in minutes

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Where can I find my VIN?
Finding your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is easy! There are so many places where you can ...
Do you buy cars that are damaged or missing parts?
Absolutely, we make offers on vehicles in all conditions! Go ahead and request an offer, and we will see what we can do for you ...
How do I get an offer to sell my car?
Easy! Fill out our offer form, tell us where your car is and its current condition to receive an offer on your car in seconds ...
Typically, how long does the entire process take?
On average, the carrier assigned to pick up your vehicle will contact you within a day or two to schedule a convenient pick-up time ...
Do you charge any fees?
Our service is completely free. Enjoy! ...
What is Peddle?
Peddle (formerly Junk my Car) makes instant offers on vehicles, sends one of their partners to pick up your car (for free!) and pays you on the spot! ...
Peddle offers you a fast and easy way to sell your car. Better yet, it's absolutely free. You'll receive your offer instantly without having to fork over all your information. Easy, breezy.
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