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It may be hard to say goodbye, but it couldn't be easier to sell. We're Peddle and we buy used cars the simple, modern, awesome way. Get an offer in minutes. No sign-ups, no monkey business. If you woke up thinking, today's the day I'm going to sell my car, we're the ones to help you do it.


how do I sell my car on Peddle?

Tell us about your ride

Surely your old clunker has a lot of stories, but we mean stuff like the year, make, model, mileage, and overall condition of your vehicle, and if you have the title. Think: car value.

View your offer

You'll have up to seven days to accept our offer, so there's time to mull it over. But the sooner you accept, the sooner you can cross “sell my car” off your to-do list.

Relax and get paid

We pick up your car for free, hand you cash or a check, and just like that, a ton (maybe even a ton and a half) of responsibility comes off your plate, or at least out of your driveway.


sell your car in minutes

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First of all, our offers are instant.Just answer a few questions and, boom, there's your offer. No waiting. Not even a rolling stop. Then, once you accept the offer, we connect you with the folks who will come pick up your car.

we count all our (lucky) stars

Seriously, we want you to trust us, but you can also trust all these folks selling their used cars.

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Helpful stuff from our awesome staff.


by the way,
we're Peddle

We buy used cars, no matter what. And pretty-much no matter where. We could name all the states where we give people cash for clunkers, but it's more fun just to say that it's all 50 of them. Speaking of fun, the whole easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy way of selling your car seems to be working. We kinda stopped counting after we bought our 2 millionth car though.

Anywho, it's nice to finally meet you.
But not as nice as it will be for you to finally sell your car.

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